Couples & marriage counseling

What if, while you were sleeping, the problems between you and your spouse disappeared? Money conflicts. Parenting challenges. In-law issues. Communication difficulties. Negativity. Lack of intimacy. Together, you resolved all of your struggles. Take a few seconds and think about it.

  • Where would you and your spouse both be when you woke up?
  • How would you feel towards your spouse?
  • How would your spouse feel toward you?
  • What would be the first thing you would do together?

Interesting question, right? It’s called “The Miracle Question.” I often use this question to assist new couples in determining what they want (and need) to change in their lives and marriage.

Do your answers to the miracle question seem impossible for your relationship? You are not alone. Many people feel the same – that their marriage is beyond repair, or their dream relationship is not achievable.

I have found (after helping hundreds of couples strengthen their relationships) that once you (as a couple) identify the specific problems in your marriage and pinpoint what you want your wedlock to be; it becomes possible to make the dream a reality.
Many of my clients have found that change in their relationship is more within reach than they ever thought possible.

It would be my privilege to provide you with the same help and hope. Please reach out to me today.

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