About Wendi Lev

Let me help you become a better version of yourself and reach your greatest potential. I believe change is possible, no matter how daunting the present may seem.

I provide help with a range of conditions including anxiety disorders, relational issues, coaching for high achievers, male-specific concerns, substance abuse, couples marriage counseling, and much more.

I combine the most effective forms of traditional and evidence-based therapy for each situation, cutting through the jargon to share the essence of how each method can help you.

I tailor my treatment plans to what will work best for you. A handful of techniques I draw from include CBT (and variations on that including Schema Therapy and DBT) as well as Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, and Gottman Couples Therapy.

I do this hard work so that I can bring the best tools to the table. I want to give you all that I can as I partner with you on the journey towards healing, wholeness, and a fulfilling life.

What you can expect from me

My approach as a therapist is collaborative. We will begin with an evaluation and assessment to identify your strengths, areas for potential growth, immediate problems, desires, personality, communication style, and long-term goals. Armed with this information, we can work together to first give you relief from immediate pain and stress and then work towards life-long change.


Coming to therapy means that you have taken a huge step towards creating the life that you want. I take that seriously and am committed to assisting you in your own growth and transformation.

Experience and training

I have more than twenty years of diverse experience and training, including eight years working at the Stone Institute of Psychiatry at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and more than ten years in private practice. I regularly pursue additional education in the field and have a number of certifications for specializing in key issues including substance abuse and addiction, divorce mediation, and sex therapy. I use this experience to help a diverse range of people coping with challenges in life.

I particularly love working with successful individuals who have busy professional lives but who want to get even more out of their days on this earth. We all face blocks, challenges, and struggles, no matter how successful we appear on the outside.
I work with you, including adapting to your busy schedule with my expanded office hours, to help you break through those blocks and achieve all of your dreams. You can have the career you want, the family you desire, the relationships you long for, and the dreams that you covet if you do the work. Therapy is part of that work, and I want to be your partner in making that happen.
I have completed advanced therapy training through the Gottman Institute (levels 1,2, and 3) and am certified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This education and experience provide me with a solid foundation of research-based techniques that can help people with a diverse range of complications and challenges. I draw from all of this experience to work with you on a treatment plan that takes into account exactly what will be right for you.
In addition to my continuing education, I am an active member of more than half a dozen professional associations including the National Association of Social Workers, the Illinois Counseling Association, The Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies, and the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers. My active presence in these groups allows me to gain access to information and interventions to best assist you on your journey.

For dedication and excellence in patient care, Patient Preferred Physicians and Practitioners proudly named me a 2021 “Patient Preferred Psychotherapist and Life Coach” representing the state of Illinois.

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License # 149008169 and CADC certification #IAODAPCA Date 2004