13 ways to break free from anxiety

Anxiety can affect all of us, even the most successful and accomplished among us. Click here to read more about customized therapy for anxiety with Wendi Lev.

13 ways I can help you break free from anxiety

In therapy, you can expect practical tools and support for loosening the grip of anxiety on your life. Treatment is not about eliminating anxiety from your life. It is, however, about thriving and not letting anxiety hold you back. 

  1. Learn tools and techniques to manage the psychological symptoms of anxiety, calm your body and prevent panic attacks.
  2. Use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to turn fear into confidence and break the anxiety-avoidance spiral. Anxiety causes us to overestimate danger, underestimate our inner resources, and discount our coping abilities. We tend to avoid situations that make us anxious, perpetuating the cycle of anxiety. I provide you with concrete strategies to implement immediately that enable you to actively approach situations that make you anxious.
  3. Use Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to loosen the grip of anxiety on your life. It’s not about living anxiety-free. It is about lessening the hold that anxiety has over your life. In therapy you can practice asking yourself “Is it possible to be more kind to myself?” and “Is it possible to open up a bit more space to be me?” Anxiety does not have to rule your life. Engaging in these questions will make anxiety a less powerful force in your life.
  4. Attain powerful skills to regulate your emotions and decrease reactivity.
  5. Gain insight into the root causes of anxiety, enabling you to understand yourself better and build lasting change.
  6. Grasp how to recognize and handle uncertainty. Learn how to tolerate ambiguity. You can learn how to admit “I do not know’” rather than adopting attitudes or beliefs that are self-injurious or self-damaging.
  7. Shift from an external locus of control (other people are in charge) to an internal focus of management (I am the one in charge).
  8. If you struggle with trauma anxiety, I can supply exercises to calm the body and diminish physiological symptoms – while helping you repair trauma by creating a positive attachment experience.
  9. Recognize possibilities beyond anxiety. You will get support envisioning your goals and imagining a better future.
  10. Increase self-efficacy through building internal psychological resources. You can nurture a sense of capability, fortitude, and mindfulness of acceptance.
  11. Get help increasing your social interactions and building more meaningful relationships.
  12. Refocus your relationship to anxiety.
  13. Attain an incremental mindset that will enable you to grow from anxiety.

Reach out for help today and break free from anxiety

If you are struggling with anxiety or experienced a panic attack, reach out today for help. Anxiety disorders are highly treatable. Therapy for anxiety has the highest success rate of all mental health conditions.  I have two decades of experience working with anxiety and panic, and you can expect a unique, integrative,  evidence-based, cutting-edge approach to lessen the severity and duration of anxiety tailored to your needs.