Personalized Counseling & Coaching – Helping You Overcome Personal, Professional, and Relationship Challenges


I’m Wendi Lev, LCSW, ACSW, CADC

Highly trained therapist who provides best-in-class treatment, tailored to your needs.

Ambitious, professional individuals come to me for help in overcoming challenges that somehow hinder them.
Couples come to me for help removing the obstacles in their relationships. Teens and young adults often need help coping with issues in school, transitioning to professional life, career challenges, and social pressures.
Others come to me for help getting past loss, understanding whatever is holding them back from success, or learning what they need to restore happiness and joy in their lives. My practice has been serving Chicagoans since 2008.

Customized, Professional Therapy





About Wendi

Let me help you become a better version of yourself and reach your greatest potential. Change is possible, no matter how daunting the present may seem.

I have more than twenty years of diverse experience and training. I regularly pursue additional education in the field and have a number of certifications for specializing in key issues including substance abuse and addiction, divorce mediation, and sex therapy.
I am here to give you all that I can as I partner with you on the journey towards healing, wholeness, and a fulfilling life.

If you are stuck or struggling, you may feel you have nowhere to turn or no one to trust. Maybe you have tried counseling before and haven’t felt heard or understood.

If you are ready to get unstuck, therapy with me can help you open the door to real, long lasting change and healing. 

We can work with you alone or with a partner, in-person in Chicago or online. I combine the most effective forms of traditional and evidence-based therapy for each situation, tailoring therapy to your needs and goals.

Get help for a range of conditions including anxiety disorders, relational issues, coaching for high achievers, male-specific concerns, substance abuse, couples and marriage counseling, and much more.

Flexible evening, lunchtime, and weekend appointments are available. Get in touch for a personal assessment.